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Dr. A’s Formula for Improving Memory

Memory_Aniel_1In todays stressful work environment and competitive studies mind plays a very important role. Sharp memory, active mind and concentration are the key characteristics for a successful career.

Various brain tonics and medicines to relax mind and make it more efficient are available in market. Dr. A’s Homeopathic formula for improving memory is a combination of various homeopathic medicines, derived from age-old herbs and minerals which are know to improve mental health and brain activity. This homeopathic medicine is specially recommended for students to improve their memory and people in stressful job who are facing problems of forgetfulness.


  • Derived from the crushed seed of the Semecarpus anacardium (marking nut), Anacardium is a homeopathic medicine for treatment of impaired memory. Patients suffering from sudden forgetfulness, absent-mindedness, lack of confidence is particularly benefited from it.
  • Kalium Phos, is used to treat mental and physical exhaustion after stress or overwork, poor concentration, irritability, insomnia, mental exertion are all reasons for depleting mental activity and memory loss. With their treatment the patient tends to improve memory.
  • Gelsemium as a homeopathic medicine is used for treating various neurological and behavioral symptoms. Anxiety patients with symptoms like tiredness, mental apathy, drowsiness etc. are treated with it. This homeopathic medicine with treatment of these symptoms improves brain function and memory.


Packing: The medicine is available in 3X1 month packing. 

Dose: Take 4 globules each, before breakfast and dinner.

Note: Dr. A’s homeopathic formulas are free of any steroid or unnatural substances and have no side effects on the body.

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Dr. A’s Formula for Hair Fall

Hair_Aniel_1In today’s stressful and polluted environment hair fall and premature baldness has become a major issue. A successful treatment of hair loss covers two aspects, one stopping further hair fall and two start with hair growth. Sometimes stopping the hair fall can also cure the problem, in cases where natural hair growth is there. But cases where natural hair growth has stopped due to any of the reason, one treatment without the other will never give desired results.

Homeopathic as a system of medicine, has always believed that body has the power of self healing and given the right environment and conditions it can cure all sorts of severe and chronic diseases.

Dr. A’s Homeopathic formula for hair fall works on the same principal. Hair fall generally occurs because of stress, hormonal imbalance, weakness in body, deficiency of essential minerals etc. If the body can be treated for the root causes of hair fall, hair growth will automatically occur, as in the process of strengthening the body hair growth mechanism is also strengthened.


  • Sodium Chloride or table salt is the base of homeopathic medicine Natrum Muriaticum. This medicine treats hair fall occurring from skin disorders, dryness of scalp, menstrual disorders or hormonal imbalance. Treating these symptoms automatically treats hair fall.
  • Hydrofluoric Acid is used in homeopathic medicine Flouricum Acidum. Early age hair loss in males, broken hair, hair fall in spots is treated with this medicine.
  • Made from whole fresh plants, Vinca minor is used for treatment of bald spots, corrosive itching of scalp and matting hair together.


Packing: The medicine is available in 3X1 month packing.

Dose: Take 4 globules each, before breakfast and dinner.

Note: Dr. A’s homeopathic formulas are free of any steroid or unnatural substances and have no side effects on the body.

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Dr. A’s Formula for Alcohol De-Addiction

Alcohol_Aniel_1Effective treatment of alcoholism should work on two aspects, one it controls alcoholism and second it treats the alcohol withdrawal syndrome. Alcohol withdrawal syndrome is the physical and mental symptoms a patient suffers from once he starts withdrawing from alcohol. Treatment of alcohol withdrawal syndrome is equally important as treating alcoholism, as more often than not it is the withdrawal symptoms that make the recovering alcoholic to relapse instead of craving for alcohol.

Dr. A’s Homeopathic formula is an effective medicine that works on both the levels of controlling alcoholism and treating alcohol withdrawal syndrome. Made from various natural herbs and minerals the medicine effectively prepares mind and body to give up alcohol, simultaneously treating withdrawal symptoms like nausea, vomiting, hand tremors, insomnia, restlessness, anxiety, psychomotor agitation and even transient hallucinations.  Read More…

The Height of Suspicion and Homeopathy!!!

Suspicious is an adjective and used generally to characterize human nature but some time it finds itself in animals too. If it is present in a man as a subsidiary disposition it is useful and makes the man more vigil. But when it is found as a main character it works as a curse. In Homeopathy the word suspicious is elaborated in detail so that the system can be used to control this evil.

Before discussing it I want to narrate a story related to an animal in which the height of the suspicion is shown.

In a jungle, there was a pond where a big family of tortoise lived. Once they went far from the pond for picnic. In the afternoon, all got hungry and opened their lunch box to have the meal. Soon they realized that all the dishes were lacking in salt. Having found the food tasteless a small tortoise said that he would go back home to bring the salt but there is a condition that no one would take lunch until he came back. All of them accepted his condition as it was the need of the hour. The small tortoise then went to bring the salt. He didn’t return though the sun was about to set. After a thought they decided to take the food as they were already very late. As soon as they began to eat, the small tortoise appeared in front of them and said, ‘I know the nature of my family and my suspicion find me correct. Knowing well your nature I did not go home but hid behind the bushes.’ On hearing his talk, the rest of the family members couldn’t help laughing as they knew the suspicious nature of the little tortoise. But on the whole it can be said that it was the height of suspicion.

In Homeopathy there is a long list of medicines having the character, Suspicion; these are about one hundred and ten in numbers.  Lachesis and Stramonium are well known for it; every homeopathic physician knows about them and cures successfully many ailments when he finds ‘suspicious’ as a prominent feature in any patient with these medicines.

Whooping Cough and Coccus Cacti !!!

Coccus Cacti is a medicine given in Homeopathic Materia Medica . I have studied this medicine so many times and also used it on my patients suffering from some respiratory conditions. Today when I was reading this medicine I got one new point that it is prepared from a bug found on the cactus of Mexico and America and it is the reason that the second word in the name of this medicine is cacti. When I asked one of my colleagues who was talking to me on phone about the source of this medicine he told me that it is prepared from cactus as cacti is given in its name. Then I told him the whole story of this medicine.

One more thing is peculiar in Coccus Cacti that the ailment of this medicine appears from cold; it may be cold weather, cold drink or air but when the patient starts suffering from respiratory problems he demands again cold drinks to take as he feels better after taking them even in cold air he feels better.

Whooping cough is marked in it and the expectoration is stringy, viscid, and white in color that comes out with difficulty. After expectoration, paroxysm of cough is relieved. Cough is more aggravated at 2 or 3 in the morning. Kali Bich also has the ropy mucous but it is greenish yellow in appearance.

Migrain and Lac Caninum !!!

Today I was in a confusion what medicine should we study as nothing special was in mind. Suddenly I thought to study Lac Caninum. Caninum on its own defines that it is related to animal kingdom. Canine is an adjective and used for dog so the medicine prepared from her dog’s milk is called Lac Caninum. It is a very good medicine in conditions like tonsillitis, migraine etc. which has a character to change the side. This symptom is markedly present in this remedy. This medicine is also used for drying up the milk of nursing woman if needed. It is just the reverse of Lac Defloratum as it is used to increase the flow of milk in lactating mother.

Forgetfulness and weakness of memory is present in this medicine. It is a strange symptom as it is known that the dog can remember many things at a time. According to a new research a dog can remember about one thousand words so it is difficult to explain why ‘forgetfulness’ is present in the medicine. Anacadium also has forgetfulness but it occurs in those who do a lot of mental work. In Acid-Phos, forgetfulness is due to over indulgence in sexual activity. Baryta-Carb’s forgetfulness is found in children or in old aged people. Glonine is a medicine used in patients who forget even the well known streets but in Medorrhinum the patient forgets particularly the names.

Lac Can patient is having hyperesthesia too.

Bronchial Asthma and Homeopathy !!!

Yesyerday a patient of mine, Asha (name changed) came with her husband and son to my office to show her medical reports that were suggested to her a day before. That was in fact the first day when she consulted me for her ailment. She was suffering from difficulty in breathing along with some other symptoms. She was having it for the last six/seven years. I asked her what type of stress she got before that. But she was unable to recall the old memories as no doctor had asked her such question. I took her complete medical history and examined her thoroughly. Then I diagnosed her that she might be suffering from Bronchial Asthma. I advised her to go for some pathological tests and x-ray.  Even after these tests, her diagnosis was same.

I prescribed her some medicines that were dispensed in my clinic. The day when she came to show me her reports I asked her about her condition. She told me that she felt better then. Even she was looking cheerful too. Her husband was also looking happy and satisfied with the treatment.

He asked me how the Bronchial Asthma occurs and what its symptoms are. I replied his query as follows. It is a disease which occurs in the lungs so it can be called respiratory disease and affects any age group. The man who has a family history of Bronchial Asthma or Tuberculosis may be more susceptible to such diseases. Some types of allergies also cause it. Most of the Asthma patients are allergic to dust, mites, pollens and smokes. In spite of these there are more than thousands things which may cause it. Some patients even give history of eczema which they had before getting Asthma. It is really difficult to explain all the causes of it. Asthma itself has many varieties that are all explainable.

There is a long list of medicines that are used in Homeopathy. Some medicines have special affinity on the bronchioles that can be prescribed quite easily after a little efforts. These medicines are given in mother tincture form but their effects are not long lasting. There is still one more type of treatment for Asthma called constitutional treatment. That is truly very effective and has the capacity to provide the patient satisfactory results. The doctor requires a lot of skill to provide such treatment.

It is certain that Homeopathy has better capacity to treat Bronchial Asthma than other systems of medicine as per my opinion though some people may differ from my judgment.

Cicuta Virosa for epilepsy

There are so many medicines available for epilepsy, catalepsy or convulsions in Homeopathy and are used according to the law of similia. Cicuta Virosa is a medicine that is used for such conditions successfully. In Cicuta the patient feels aura in the stomach and after that convulsion appears. The attack starts from center to periphery. That means it begins first at head, face and chest and then goes to extremities. Cuprum Met has the same symptom but opposite of it; the attack rises from finger or extremity and goes to chest and head. After the attack Cicuta patient remains in confusion. He doesn’t recognize where he is and who others are. The patient is mild, yielding and submissive between two attacks. On the contrary of it Nux Vom patient is aggressive and irritated between the attacks. Nux Mosch patient has the peculiar symptom that he forgets between the works what he is doing that is called abstraction of mind; he becomes blank for a moment. Opium, Aconite and one more medicine have convulsion after fear.

Any type of ailment whether physical or mental if occurs after head injury, Cicuta can be helpful and can show wonder. There may be ailments after suppression of eruptions.

Cicuta is good for eruptions or eczema on the beard or scalp and also good for barber’s itch.

Homeopathy and steroids

There are so many systems of medicine available in the society. Some of them are recognized and protected by the Govt. Rest of them are patronized by the people as they are benefitted by them. Nowadays some traditional methods of treatment have lost their utility as the time advanced. There are four systems of treatment recognized, assisted and regulated by the Govt. Allopathy and Homeopathy are more popular nowadays among patients. Both have their own quality and benefits. People also know about them very well. Some people like allopathy and do not even try any other system of medicine when they get ill. In the same way a larger group of people love Homeopathy with passion. The matter doesn’t end here as far as Homeopathy is concerned.

It is difficult to understand why some people do blasphemy for Homeopathy. They vomit so much venom against Homeopathy that can’t be imagined. But it is true that some such people do it innocently as they were fed but some of them defame Homeopathy deliberately and out of frustration. Even some medical professionals also disparage Homeopathy out of their disappointment. Some doctors who don’t have good practice think the cause of their bad luck is Homeopathy. If Homeopathy were banned their fate might have been changed. Some practitioners who have good clienteles think they are the only intelligent doctors and out of their pride they talk irrelevantly about Homeopathy. A very few homeopaths also talk badly for Allopathy.  It is a sin if any body talks wrongly for any system of medicine.

It is evident that some Allopathic drug manufacturers also try to damage the sanctity of Homeopathy. There are so many wrong thoughts that have been marketed against Homeopathy. Some such thoughts which are prevalent in the society.

Sudhir was suffering from severe allergic dermatitis even his face did not escape from the evil. He tried many Allopathic drugs under the supervision of one or the other dermatologists but in vain. One of his friends Pankaj suggested him to take Homeopathy for the ailment. He told him that he had also suffered from the same and got relief only through Homeopathy. Sudhir went to the same doctor and found Pankaj’s statement true when he got benefit under Homeopathy. Sudhir took his wife and daughter for Homeopathic treatment and they were also benefited. Sudhir recommended some of his friends the Homeopathic treatment and most of them were satisfied with the help.

One day Sudhir met his Homeopathic doctor and requested him to allow asking a question. The doctor responded him well. Sudhir said to him, ‘Does Homeopath use steroid?’ The doctor asked him why he wanted to put him this question. Sudhir said that somebody had told him. The doctor replied, ‘OK! That is the reason why you are enquiring about it. I explain it to you as its answer in yes or no can’t satisfy your curiosity and doubts. The first thing is this that there is no steroidal preparation present in Homeopathy and all the drugs are manufactured according to Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of India. The Govt. drug department is very strict and particular about the manufacturing of Homeopathic drugs. So there is no homeopathic drug available in the market which contains steroids. How a doctor can use the steroidal drug when it is not available in the market. I tell you one more things that no Homeopath uses allopathic steroid though rarest rare exception may be there. One more interesting thing, steroids have no role in the treatment of many diseases like Depression, kidney stones etc. In most of the cases the patient seeks Homeopathic help after taking Allopathy where he had already taken strong steroids with no relief at all. A question arises how the same patient gets relief with steroids if these are given by Homeopath.  It means it is the rumor that is created by some mischievous and evil persons.’ After hearing the logical reply Sudhir was satisfied. Sudhir himself worked on a high post and is very influential. He collected the information from health ministry and found the doctor’s version correct. Now he has become a dedicated follower of Homeopathy.

There are some more such type of evils regarding Homeopathy being rumored by some miscreants or depressed people that will be discussed later on. To misguide patients in this way is like a blasphemy.

Sabina – a homeopathic medicine – good for bleeding

Sabina is a medicine of lower abdomen that includes kidney, bladder, uterus, ovary, urethra and anus etc. It is called a hemorrhagic remedy as it acts on bleeding piles and uterine hemorrhage whether it is menorrhagia, metorrhagia or due to any other cause. Hemorrhage from kidney, bladder, urethra or anus also comes under its sphere of action.

It causes turmoil in the circulatory system and pulsation all over the body. The bleeding is bright red in color; in the beginning the patient passes clots. Sometime the menses may continue till the next menstrual cycle appears. Uterine bleeding is associated with pain in sacrum which extends on the pubes. The same symptom is present in Viburnun Opulus but with some difference; its pain starts from the sacrum, takes round the abdomen and ends at the pubes.

Sabina is similar to Pulsatilla in general characteristic; both are worse in warm room and want the windows open and wants to be open air. But in bleeding Pulsatilla is not given as it may increase the bleeding; therefore at this condition Sabina is given.

Sabina also has venereal warts as find in Thuja but Thuja warts are moist and cause bleeding on touching.

Sabina patient is aggravated from music also that is a peculiar character of this remedy. It has gouty diathesis also. Pain in joints which alternates from hemorrhage is gouty in character.

As far as hemorrhage is concerned there are some other medicines which must be mentioned here for comparison. Millefolium is for bright red blood but it has no pain as Sabina and Viburnum have. Ipecac also has bright red blood but the patient‘s paleness, nausea and faintness is out of proportion to bleeding. Phosphorus also has bright red blood but the patient is chilly and has desire for cold water.

Belladonna is good for uterine hemorrhage but hypersensitivity is marked. The patient can’t tolerate light, music and even jar and flow of blood feels warm. Secale Cor is also good for uterine bleeding but the patient doesn’t want to cover the body even in very cold room.

Sabina can control the acute attack efficiently but it must be followed by some antipsoric medicine like Sulphur or Psorinum as per the need of the case.