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‘Potency of Homeopathic medicine’

A couple of days ago, I visited my aunt’s house as she had rung me up to call on her. I went there next to next day. As she being very affectionate, she welcomed me and my better half warmly. Just after half an hour, her daughter Ms P. entered the room where we were sitting. We wished each other first and asked her about the ailment with which she was suffering. Actually she had viral wart in her sole which had been removed surgically and now it was on the healing path. She had already discussed with me about its fate and wanted to take Homeopathy for it as some of her well- wishers advised her to use this system for warts.

She told me that she had started taking Homeopathic medicine for it and showed me the bottle of that medicine. I read the name and potency of the medicine. The medicine was in high potency which is generally not repeated frequently as per the Homeopathic principles. I told her the truth about the medicine. She asked me what to do then. ‘At the most I can do for you is that I can give you new prescription,’ I said. ‘What will I say to that doctor about his treatment,’ she replied. Then we discussed on this issue at large with no result. She obliged me to talk to that doctor about his prescription but I was quite reluctant to go into the argument with him. As I know the human nature that a few people can only accept their fault so the same was repeated by this doctor He said, ‘the way I prescribe medicine is a new method’. I said,’ the method which you want to use has been declared wrong even during Hahnemann. This is used by those who have very less knowledge in Homeopathy and these physicians are called mongrel. The word mongrel was used by Dr. Hahnemann for such physician.’

She told me to start her treatment in the end as already I am her family physician too.  On the same day I sent her medicine for her early recovery from the suffering.

‘Jumping like the spider-man.’

I drive my car I always find my radio of the car on. FM channels are quite popular on the radio nowadays. Today when I was on the way to my office the radio jockey was telling news. A man jumped from the high rise building just for the sake of fun. He remarked that people are influenced with the characters like ‘spider-man and batman’ etc. Previously people used to jump from the top of the building just for committing suicide. They did it out of depression though majority of the societies think that men suicide only when they feel helpless.

Radio jockey said that he didn’t know why people take their life when they get it after passing many million births in different species like animals, insects, reptiles and etc.

Having heard his thoughts I was also bound to think about it. It is true that such thought is written in Hindu literature.  I was always confused about this type of birth theory. I have argued so many times on the issue with so many people in different ways. Sometimes I talk in favor of it and another time against it. I generally manage to convince others with my arguments but always find myself in doldrums as far as this issue is concerned.

In everybody’s life such movements come, a few lucky people never come in this category. When one thinks about mutilating ones life by any available means but such teachings helps him to come out of these dark and gloomy periods of life. In this way the old teachings still today play a big role in our life to live peacefully.

People jump from a high place just out of excitement; this is truly a serious situation which should be tackled in time.


What a dedication!

Mr.RCG is seventy, gives or takes a few years, and is one of the members of my study circle. We have been studying together for the last ten years or so. Recently he got a problem in his vision due to cataract that has been developing for some time in his eyes though he was continuing his study without much difficulty. For about a month ago he felt difficulty in reading so he got his glasses changed but of no use. Examining his condition the doctor advised him to go for a cataract surgery.

He is a medical bill reimbursement beneficiary because of being a retired Govt. employee. He chose the hospital that is empanelled in the Govt. list. After examination the doctor told him that there are different varieties of lenses available and the Govt. pays us a certain amount for it. If you want to get better quality lens, you will have to pay the balance amount from your pocket. RCG agreed to his proposal after consulting me and Dr. Vinod, our common friend.

On 31st December, a New Year eve, in the afternoon he went to the hospital for the cataract surgery. His operation was done on the same day and was discharged.

Next day, the first day of the New Year 2012, I was bit lazy in the early morning as I knew that no body would turn up to attend the class. I was surprised to see Mr. RCG in the morning with a box of sweets in hand. After exchanging the New Year wishes and having a cup of tea, I asked him whether he was interested to attend the class. To my utter surprise he replied that he came there not only to wish me a happy new year but also to attend the class. After that we went to attend our class.

He has a firm belief in Homeopathy as he knows about the superior efficacy of the Homeopathy. Having seen his such inclination I suggested him some medicines that help after surgery.

‘A honeymoon trip’

In the month of February, 1984, I married Mira. The very next day my friends asked me where you were going for honeymoon. I said, ‘Why did you not advise me for that some days ago? ’ They told me that every thing could be arranged easily even that day too and my part was just to pack my bag. Within an hour, the two train tickets of Moussorrie Express were in my hand. To get the train ticket on the same day was quite difficult in those days though the condition is more or less the same even today. Getting the tickets I was glad.

I told Mira that we were going to Moussori on that day so she should kindly pack her bag. She asked me to pack my bag too. I advised her to just pack her bag only and I would manage my bag myself. She felt some difficulty in doing so as there were a lot of guests at home at that time. I tried to tell her some thing but she got slightly annoyed with my behaviour as it might not be according to her emotional comfort level. Today I may understand her annoyance at that time only up to some extent but not completely.

Any how we were ready to go to Mussorie and my as well her family members were happy on our decision. They finished all the rituals by evening and still we had sufficient time to board the train. So we thought to take rest and lay down but we went in to deep sleep as we couldn’t sleep the previous night, that was the wedding night and all the wedding ceremonies were performed on that night. My sister alerted me to get up. Getting up I saw my watch and found that we were short of time. Hurriedly we took up our bags and went to the railway station. When we reached the platform I found that the train was there. I felt as if the train was waiting for me.

Next day we were in the Mussorie and we chose a beautiful room in one hotel. The name of the hotel is not in my memory at the moment. We enjoyed three four days there. Every day we went to some new spot like Kempty-fall, Lal-Tiba, and the company-garden etc. Mussorie is a small hill station but beautiful. It is quite near Delhi so that it is famous among residents of Delhi.

A friend of mine was posted there. He came to see me on the day I reached Mussorie as I had phoned him. He invited me to come to his house on dinner. I accepted his invitation so he came again in the evening to take us to his house where his wife welcomed us. We had dinner there that was very delicious as his wife was quite expert in cooking.

One day I got annoyed with Mira in Mussorie now I feel that it might be my immaturity. We came back home after spending three-four days. Still some sweet memories are in my mind that is beyond my capability to explain in words.

Two Pigeons

A pair of pigeons has been coming to my house for the last one week. They enter from one hole that is located in the middle of the house and go out from the front door. Last Sunday evening I saw one of them for the first time inside the house. I was afraid that it might not be hurt as the ceiling fans were on. Immediately I turned all the fan switches off and opened the front door so that it would be able to get safe passage. We all were at home as it was Sunday. I thought and told we should take some measures to stop their entry into the house. The lady of the house commented on this issue that all the creatures  in the nature had equal right to live though it was quite evident that this thought was only after excluding humans and very harmful animals. Rest of the members in the house felt that it was better to leave this matter at this point and let them do their activity freely. The moment we concluded the discussion, one more pigeon was seen in the room and it too flew out of the room after finding the way.

Now they have been acquainted with the route and enjoy this game by entering and going out of the house. We also feel as if they were really happy by doing like this.

Today, in the morning when we were sitting in the living room, we saw them again doing the same act one by one. We are still not clear as to whether they are two in number or three. Our most grown up young chap in the house said one day it would be killed when trapped with the running fan. The lady retorted why he didn’t take some precautionary steps to stop their entry in the house. We all replied in one voice that earlier she suggested us not to disturb their activity and liberty. She replied as if amazed with our answer that in the last that day she gave her consent to close down the hole and even said she could hang a scenery herself there. After a few minutes I recalled her sentence and favored her. Any how every thing is in status quo as at present but only time or the pigeons’ fate will decide the next action.

An inverter mechanic:

Yesterday, all of a sudden my office electricity behaved strangely. The main line indicator was showing that the power supply was there but tube lights and fans stopped their functioning. I asked my assistant why the electricity was not functioning well and inverter was also not working. I thought the voltage of the electricity had dipped down suddenly so that tube lights and fans had stopped functioning but inverter was not getting signals of power brake as very low voltage power was still there.

I told my assistant to go to enquire about the real position of the power supply. He returned after some time and said, ‘The other shop keepers and offices were enjoying full voltage power supply.’ Then I realized that there was a fault somewhere in my office. I cut down the inverter circuit from the main power supply and to my surprise the power supply was restored immediately. One thing I forgot to mention here that I first switched on my stabilizer of AC to check the input voltage of the electricity which I found within normal limits. After that I did the above mentioned task. I repeated the above said procedure and got the same result. Then I realized that the inverter might be faulty.

I sent my assistant to call the mechanic. He left the message at his shop and came back. Today in the morning, the mechanic came to check the inverter. Checking it he told me that there was a fault in the connector of the inverter. I suggested him to replace it with standby. So he returned after sometime with another inverter. When he installed the standby it also behaved the same as the original inverter did. He got puzzled as I was standing there. I smelled his some wrong doing but didn’t say to him anything as I had no other option to call some other one. He promised me to install it back by the next day. Let us hope for the best.

A seminar in Haryana !

Recently I went to Rohtak, a district of Haryana state in India, to attend a seminar on Homeopathy. Haryana is not a rich state as far as Homeopathy is concerned but two renowned speakers from Mumbai were coming there who might have made the seminar valuable. When I along with my four friends reached seminar place, there was a lively atmosphere which was showing that the seminar would be successful.

Getting our names registered, we were served breakfast. After that we went to the auditorium which was well cooled by ACs. Organizers were waiting for the chief guest to start the program. It was 1, o’clock when the opening ceremonies had come to an end. The delegates had been impatient and annoyed due to this mismanagement but they showed their disapproval only by their facial expressions.

Immediately after that they introduced one of the speaker named Dr.VS (Later on, I will call him only VS). VS started his lecture in a very stylish way with the aid of computer. He explained many things which were related to classical literature of Homeopathy. Some of the thoughts were not accepted by some audience as these were being presented either in a distorted manner or in such a way that couldn’t be digested. It was clearly shown that VS wanted to present the simple things in a complicated form so that the audience would feel that he was quite learned. He showed a statement which was written by Dr. Hahnemann, in which Hahnemann accepted that Homeopathy couldn’t provide you encouraging results. It was semi true as he concealed the real context why and when Hahnemann used this sentence. It was difficult to understand what the speaker wanted to present in front of the delegates. In a nutshell it could be said that his show was not worth attending though he continued his session till late evening. Organizers provided the delegates a good lunch as well as a delicious dinner. They tried their best to show a good hospitality.

Next day the seminar began in time after the breakfast. That day speaker was Dr. A.S. (short name). One of my colleagues in Delhi is her great fan after hearing her one lecture in some other seminar. That time she really performed well; I was also present at that time. She started her lecture by showing some audio – visual aided case records. She tried to explain them with some new idea that was not at all convincing. Some learned delegates asked her to explain the new idea which she couldn’t express properly. Hearing many cross questioning she was about to go in fit of irritation but at the eleventh hour one of the organizers managed the situation by saying that question- answer session would be kept in the last. Two of my companions had become bored with her lectures and were insisting us on going back home. Considering their request we returned to Delhi after having lunch. If her fan had also attended the seminar what would have passed in his heart.

‘A brave lady’

Showing courage is a difficult task for everyone as everybody is not as brave as some of them are. Recently a lady showed her braveness and foiled the accused’s plan. She is a daughter of a police officer. She had gone to the market to buy a brick of ice-cream when the incident occurred. A bike-borne chain snatcher tried to grab her chain from her neck. Her mind immediately understood the situation and ordered her to take an action. She caught the snatcher though he was on the bike. The snatcher ran on his motor-bike but she didn’t leave him. She was dragged with the bike on the road. After a reasonable distance his bike got imbalanced and he fell down on the road.

A police patrolling van was going from there; they realized the state of affairs and took immediate action. In this way the snatcher was caught red handed but his accomplice managed to flee from the scene. The lady got bruises and some injury on her knees. People also gathered around the place of incident; all of them were praising the guts of the lady.

Under investigation, it was revealed that the culprit committed the crime to fulfill his addiction. The lady was awarded by the police department for her heroism. May God bless everyone to show such valor.

Two sisters and Depression!!!

Depression is a disease concerned with mind. In it the patient looks absolutely healthy in the beginning. When symptoms of it are mild in nature it is difficult to recognize. The family members and friends of the patient don’t smell about his disease. They think his behaviour is such and ignore the seriousness of it. When the disease is in its full bloom, it is too late to handle the situation successfully. The same happened with two sisters who lived in Noida.

Two sisters lived in Noida with their parents. One of them was chartered accountant and they have also one brother who worked in a multinational company situated in other state of India. Obviously he was living there. Every thing was going well in the family. One cruel day, their father went to heaven as he met an accident. Some months later, their mother also died a natural death. After that both the sisters were left alone but a pet dog.

One day their pet dog also died without any reason. So both the sisters went under sever depression and the sister who was employed left her job. Both of them locked themselves inside the door. They started taking food less and less day by day. In the consequence they became weaker than before and their depression went on the increase. At the end they started living only on a pinch of salt.

One day people got information about them, so the door of their house was broken. They were taken to hospital where one of them died next day and other is still fighting for life.

A question arises that they were living in the most posh city and no body took care of them. Who is responsible for the whole episode and what is the remedy of it so that the incidence won’t happen again.

A king and a saint

Once upon a time, a Saint visited a king, whose kingdom was quite prosperous. The king asked him how he could serve him. The saint said, ‘O, king! I have a small pot, please fill it up.’ Then the king said, ‘I get this small pot filled with precious stones like diamond, sapphire, ruby etc. at the moment so that you need not demand money for the whole life.’ Having gotten the king’s order the treasurer began to fill the pot with valuables but there was no sign of filling the pot. Very soon the treasurer went out of valuables.

The king along with his courtiers was amazed to see the scene so he said to the saint, ‘O, saint! Tell me about the pot from which matter it was made. The whole treasury had been empty but it couldn’t fill up.’ The saint replied that it was made from the bones of human skulls so that the desire of this pot would never be fulfilled.

Hearing it the king startled and said politely, ‘Hearing your talk my curiosity has been aroused so kindly explain this mystery in detail.’ Then the saint replied, ‘O king, the desire is such pot which can’t be filled up by all the valuables available on the earth. The desire make the man dance like monkey, wander like dog, blind like owl even in the sun light and due to his greed his existence come in to danger like fish. It is difficult for me to explain all the forms of desire in words. Hearing it the king awoke and the dream taught him a lot.