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Dr. A’s Formula for Weight Loss

Weight_Aniel_1Obesity has emerged as one of the biggest problems in modern day lifestyle. In our daily stressful lives, finding time for physical activity is becoming more and more difficult. Coupled with high stress work environment, eating disorders, more and more world population is coming under obese category. Obesity is a life style disease, and it is responsible for a lot of other health complications in the body. So it becomes important to treat it, in order to live a healthy life.

Dr. A’s Homeopathic formula for weight loss, is a combination of various homeopathic medicines, which works on multi-dimensions to aide in weight loss. This homeopathic medicine is a combination of various homeopathic medicines in appropriate potency and doses to increases body’s metabolism to help burning more calories, suppresses body’s appetite to prevent overeating and balances hormones to treat obesity.


  • Calcium carbonate is the base material of homeopathic medicine Calcarea Carbonica. Calcarea Carb is very effective in burning of abdomen fat by increasing the metabolism of body. It is also useful in cases where weight gain is a result of thyroid problems.
  • Berries of Phytolacca Americana commonly known as pokeweed are used to make homeopathic medicine Phytolacca, popular for reduction of weight and treatment of obesity. It regulates metabolism, improves digestive system and balances hormones in the body.
  • Homeopathic medicine Capsicum is made from the fruit and seed of herbaceous plant Capsicum annum (red pepper). This medicine treats obesity by improving digestive system. It also makes the patient’s body more active and improves body heat to burn more calories. Normally mentally and physically sluggish and indolent patients benefit a great deal from this medicine.


Packing: The medicine is available in 3X1 month packing.

Dose: Take 4 globules each, before breakfast and dinner.

Note: Dr. A’s homeopathic formulas are free of any steroid or unnatural substances and have no side effects on the body. Dieting and exercising are equally important, along with the medicine for best results.

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Dr. A’s Formula for Smoking De-Addiction

Smoke_Aniel_1Smoking addiction is perhaps the most common addiction in the world today. It is estimated that smokers cut short their life span by almost 15 years. Lot of people has tried to quit this bad habit and the market is flooded with products to help you quit smoking. Nicotine patches and gums are among the most preferred ways of kicking the butt. But in actual terms they are not working your body towards quitting the bad habit. They just replace cigarettes with a lesser harmful means of nicotine.

Dr. A’s homeopathic formula for Anti-smoking, strengthen the body to treats its dependency on nicotine (treating physical addiction) and psychologically makes a person emotionally more stable and stronger to treat social addiction of what smoking represents to them. This homeopathic formula eliminate tobacco from patient’s body, helps in reducing it’s craving and creates a distaste for tobacco in the body.


  • Made from the fresh leaves of tobacco, homeopathic medicine Tabacum controls body’s desire for tobacco. It also treats withdrawal symptoms like dizziness, nausea, dry cough, sweating etc.
  • Caladium: This homeopathic medicine creates distaste for tobacco in the body. The effectiveness of this medicine can be measured by the fact that it can cause nausea and even vomiting if used along with smoking. The medicine is also effective in treating post withdrawal symptoms like agitation and depression.
  • Coffea Cruda as a homeopathic medicine is useful in treating post withdrawal stress including hypersensitivity, nervous piercing headaches, insomnia, over excitement etc. The medicine treats these problems, leading to a better resolve of patient in quitting and making the withdrawal process less painful and easier. 


Packing: The medicine is available in 3X1 month packing.

Dose: Take 4 globules each, before breakfast and dinner.

Note: Dr. A’s homeopathic formulas are free of any steroid or unnatural substances and have no side effects on the body.

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Dr. A’s Formula for Removing Stones

Stone_Aniel_1Due to the hard deposits of minerals, stones are formed in the urinary system, i.e. kidney, gall bladder and urethra. Severe pain in lower abdomen and back, burning or difficulty while urinating, bleeding along with urination etc. are some of the major symptoms of stones. Less-intake of water and continuous dehydration is one of the leading reasons for formation of stones. Other factors include, certain minerals in water and food in specific geographic regions or certain staple diets.

Dr. A’s homeopathic formula for Kidney stones, is an effective homeopathic medicine for treatment of stones without surgery. The medicine breaks the stone into micro particles, starts dissolving them and makes the body healthy enough to excrete these foreign particles out of body with urine. Along with it, the medicine also treats the body to prevent any future formation of stones, which is equally important.


  • Cantharis, a homeopathic medicine derived from blister beetle or Lytta vesicatoria. Blister beetle produces cantharidin a strong poison urinary tract. It is used in making Cantharis, which is famous of treatment of burning pain in urinary system associated with Kidney stones.
  • Bark of Barberry is used to make homeopathic medicine Berberis Vulgaris. This is one of the most popular homeopathic medicines used for treating stones in kidney and urinary tract. Along with removal of existing stones, Berberis Vulgaris also treat body to prevent formation of stones in future.
  • Lycopodium clavatum is a perennial evergreen plant found in Britain, Northern Europe and North America. Pale yellow pollen collected from the spores of this plant is used in homeopathic medicine Lycopodium. Lycopodium is used as a constitutional medicine and is very effective in prevention of formation of stones in the body.
  • Root and leaves of Comfrey or Symphytum Officinale is used to make homeopathic medicine Symphytum.
  • Calcium carbonate is the base material of homeopathic medicine Calcarea Carbonica. Patient suffering from stones often complaint of bloody urine as well. Treating this symptom is very essential for overall treatment of stones.
  • The root of Sarsaparilla plant is used to treat urinary system related problems, as the medicine acts on vascular and excretory system. This medicine reduces the size of the stone forcing it out of body through urethra.


Packing: The medicine is available in 6X1 month packing. 

Dose: Take 4 globules each, before breakfast and dinner.

Note: Dr. A’s homeopathic formulas are free of any steroid or unnatural substances and have no side effects on the body.

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Dr. A’s Formula for Increasing Height

Height_Aniel_1Genetics is one main reason why some people have shorter height. Malnutrition and hormone imbalance are others. Although no one can change their genetic structure, but treatment of malnutrition and hormone imbalance which restricts normal growth, can improve height.

Dr. A’s Homeopathic formula for increasing height, works on the hormonal imbalance in the body and internally makes body healthier for normal production of growth hormones mainly responsible for proper and normal growth of body.


  • Derived from Barium Carbonate (whiterite), homeopathic medicine Baryta Carbonica is essential for development of the young. Normalizing growth is one of the major functions of this constitutional medicine. Patients with sluggish mental, physical or emotional growth are treated with this medicine, which makes it effective in the treatment of increasing height.
  • Made from a major constituent of the body calcium phosphate, homeopathic medicine Calcarea phosphorica plays an important role whenever growth and nutrition are important aspect of treatment. Calcium phosphate is a major constituent of bones making them strong and aiding in their proper growth.
  • Calcium carbonate is the base material of homeopathic medicine Calcarea Carbonica whose keynote action is impaired nutrition. Physical fatigue and muscular weakness is treated with it, which makes body stronger and prepare it for adequate and optimum growth and bone and cartilage development.


Packing: The medicine is available in 3X1 month packing.

Dose: Take 4 globules each, before breakfast and dinner.

Note: Dr. A’s homeopathic formulas are free of any steroid or unnatural substances and have no side effects on the body.

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Dr. A’s Formula for Improving Memory

Memory_Aniel_1In todays stressful work environment and competitive studies mind plays a very important role. Sharp memory, active mind and concentration are the key characteristics for a successful career.

Various brain tonics and medicines to relax mind and make it more efficient are available in market. Dr. A’s Homeopathic formula for improving memory is a combination of various homeopathic medicines, derived from age-old herbs and minerals which are know to improve mental health and brain activity. This homeopathic medicine is specially recommended for students to improve their memory and people in stressful job who are facing problems of forgetfulness.


  • Derived from the crushed seed of the Semecarpus anacardium (marking nut), Anacardium is a homeopathic medicine for treatment of impaired memory. Patients suffering from sudden forgetfulness, absent-mindedness, lack of confidence is particularly benefited from it.
  • Kalium Phos, is used to treat mental and physical exhaustion after stress or overwork, poor concentration, irritability, insomnia, mental exertion are all reasons for depleting mental activity and memory loss. With their treatment the patient tends to improve memory.
  • Gelsemium as a homeopathic medicine is used for treating various neurological and behavioral symptoms. Anxiety patients with symptoms like tiredness, mental apathy, drowsiness etc. are treated with it. This homeopathic medicine with treatment of these symptoms improves brain function and memory.


Packing: The medicine is available in 3X1 month packing. 

Dose: Take 4 globules each, before breakfast and dinner.

Note: Dr. A’s homeopathic formulas are free of any steroid or unnatural substances and have no side effects on the body.

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Dr. A’s Formula for Hair Fall

Hair_Aniel_1In today’s stressful and polluted environment hair fall and premature baldness has become a major issue. A successful treatment of hair loss covers two aspects, one stopping further hair fall and two start with hair growth. Sometimes stopping the hair fall can also cure the problem, in cases where natural hair growth is there. But cases where natural hair growth has stopped due to any of the reason, one treatment without the other will never give desired results.

Homeopathic as a system of medicine, has always believed that body has the power of self healing and given the right environment and conditions it can cure all sorts of severe and chronic diseases.

Dr. A’s Homeopathic formula for hair fall works on the same principal. Hair fall generally occurs because of stress, hormonal imbalance, weakness in body, deficiency of essential minerals etc. If the body can be treated for the root causes of hair fall, hair growth will automatically occur, as in the process of strengthening the body hair growth mechanism is also strengthened.


  • Sodium Chloride or table salt is the base of homeopathic medicine Natrum Muriaticum. This medicine treats hair fall occurring from skin disorders, dryness of scalp, menstrual disorders or hormonal imbalance. Treating these symptoms automatically treats hair fall.
  • Hydrofluoric Acid is used in homeopathic medicine Flouricum Acidum. Early age hair loss in males, broken hair, hair fall in spots is treated with this medicine.
  • Made from whole fresh plants, Vinca minor is used for treatment of bald spots, corrosive itching of scalp and matting hair together.


Packing: The medicine is available in 3X1 month packing.

Dose: Take 4 globules each, before breakfast and dinner.

Note: Dr. A’s homeopathic formulas are free of any steroid or unnatural substances and have no side effects on the body.

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Dr. A’s Formula for Alcohol De-Addiction

Alcohol_Aniel_1Effective treatment of alcoholism should work on two aspects, one it controls alcoholism and second it treats the alcohol withdrawal syndrome. Alcohol withdrawal syndrome is the physical and mental symptoms a patient suffers from once he starts withdrawing from alcohol. Treatment of alcohol withdrawal syndrome is equally important as treating alcoholism, as more often than not it is the withdrawal symptoms that make the recovering alcoholic to relapse instead of craving for alcohol.

Dr. A’s Homeopathic formula is an effective medicine that works on both the levels of controlling alcoholism and treating alcohol withdrawal syndrome. Made from various natural herbs and minerals the medicine effectively prepares mind and body to give up alcohol, simultaneously treating withdrawal symptoms like nausea, vomiting, hand tremors, insomnia, restlessness, anxiety, psychomotor agitation and even transient hallucinations.  Read More…


Ipecacuanha is generally called Ipecac, it’s short name, in Homeopathy. It is considered a short acting remedy used in acute diseases like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, cough, cold, hemorrhage and even in bronchitis, pneumonia etc.. It acts well in acute asthma. It shows its efficacy when drug picture corresponds to the patient’s morbid condition. This medicine has gained a lot of praise in the literature. Other systems of medicine use it only for limited purposes viz. for inducing vomiting, and in cough syrup as per my notion.

Homeopathy enumerated its real power to treat different ailments. I have also used it successfully in many different conditions even in asthma and hemorrhage.

It has special affinity on gastric ailments like Pulsatilla and Antimonium Crud. It has constant nausea and vomiting. The tongue is clean or mildly coated but Antim Crud and Pulsatilla have white coating tongue. Pulsatilla is a thirstless remedy but Ipecac has thirst. All three remedies get gastric symptoms after taking cake, pastries and rich food. Even after a lot of vomiting Ipecac has nausea. It is good for nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.

It is good in asthma and bronchitis even in capillary bronchitis; when the doctor examine the child’s chest, he finds rales on the whole chest – anteriorly and posteriorly.  The child vomits a lot of mucous in vomiting. Ipecac looses the phlegm adhere to the bronchial tubes. It helps in the conditions occurred in the cold seasons and when days are hot and nights are cold; so it is good in autumnal dysentery. It is not even a full glimpse of Ipecac but I want to stop writing on it, other wise this piece of writing may be turned into some boring event.

Homeopathic Calcarea Carb – a glimpse

Calc Carb is a medicine which mainly contains Calcium and is prepared from oyster’s shell. It has fat, fair, flabby constitution. It has leucophlegmatic temperament as Dr. Gurensey has stated in his book, the patient is calm and quiet in nature.

There is defective bone development. Some bones are over fed and others are deficient in nutrition. Fontanels are open. Head is large in size. There may be hydrocephalus.

Perspiration occurs on the whole body or on the single part as may be on palm and soles only. There may be sweating only on the head which wets the pillow around the head while the patient is asleep. There is coldness of the body which may be subjective, objective or both. The patient feels as if feet have cold and humid stockings.

Perspiration smells sour as all the discharges of Cal Carb are sour like vomiting, diarrhea and even eructation. Sulphur differs here from Calcarea as it has foul smell. The whole alimentary canal is sour. The patient feels better when constipated. It has diarrhea which is worse in afternoon but Sulphur has morning diarrhea. The child longs eggs and indigestible things.

The skin is cold and clammy but Sulphur has marked burning especially on the feet. It has eczema capitis and milk crusts on the head of the baby. It has the power to cure these conditions if other symptoms agree. Here Dr. Clark rightly emphasized that Homeopathy treats the patient not the disease. Graphite has marked affinity in those who are obese and have skin trouble.

It particularly affects the upper two third portion of the right lung while Sulphur affects the upper one third part of left lung. It can treat even pulmonary phthisis.

It is worse by cold weather, wet, walking, ascending and exertion. Exertion causes dysponea.

The Height of Suspicion and Homeopathy!!!

Suspicious is an adjective and used generally to characterize human nature but some time it finds itself in animals too. If it is present in a man as a subsidiary disposition it is useful and makes the man more vigil. But when it is found as a main character it works as a curse. In Homeopathy the word suspicious is elaborated in detail so that the system can be used to control this evil.

Before discussing it I want to narrate a story related to an animal in which the height of the suspicion is shown.

In a jungle, there was a pond where a big family of tortoise lived. Once they went far from the pond for picnic. In the afternoon, all got hungry and opened their lunch box to have the meal. Soon they realized that all the dishes were lacking in salt. Having found the food tasteless a small tortoise said that he would go back home to bring the salt but there is a condition that no one would take lunch until he came back. All of them accepted his condition as it was the need of the hour. The small tortoise then went to bring the salt. He didn’t return though the sun was about to set. After a thought they decided to take the food as they were already very late. As soon as they began to eat, the small tortoise appeared in front of them and said, ‘I know the nature of my family and my suspicion find me correct. Knowing well your nature I did not go home but hid behind the bushes.’ On hearing his talk, the rest of the family members couldn’t help laughing as they knew the suspicious nature of the little tortoise. But on the whole it can be said that it was the height of suspicion.

In Homeopathy there is a long list of medicines having the character, Suspicion; these are about one hundred and ten in numbers.  Lachesis and Stramonium are well known for it; every homeopathic physician knows about them and cures successfully many ailments when he finds ‘suspicious’ as a prominent feature in any patient with these medicines.