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PCOD and Depression


A lady Mrs. MG came to my office in the morning for her some ailments many weeks ago. She explained her problems that were the mixture of physical and mental sufferings. At the physical level she was not getting her menstrual cycle and on mental sphere was very depressed. After examining her and seeing her laboratory reports I concluded her case and diagnosed it as PCOD. The full name of this abbreviated term is as Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease. She was in a bad shape as suffering from depression. Depression itself is  a very dreaded disease in which the patient may even try to commit suicide when the case is in worsening position.

I noted down her history and findings of ailments as suggested by Dr. Hahnemann in Homeopathy. After analyzing the case she was prescribed the homeopathic medicines. She responded well to the homeopathic medicines as her depression had gone down. She started her daily work as she did it previously. So she was not getting much trouble at the emotional level now and it was the big achievement for the patient. But still she was suffering from Acne on the face, Obesity and Amenorrhea (absence of menses).

She wanted me a favor on the menses part as she felt uneasiness due to the absence of menses. She was very keen for appearing of the menses. When she was taking allopathic hormonal medicines she got the menses every month. On the same pattern she wanted to get her ailment eradicated in Homeopathy too. Then I gave her some information how Homeopathy works. And at that time she shared her thought that she got from her sister-in-law. She said, ‘My sister-in-law who is an allopathy doctor told me that in Homeopathy, Only steroids are used in the name of treatment. So you better stop taking Homeopathic medicines and again switch over to allopathy. Now you tell me what to do in this situation.’ It was a shocking news to me.

I couldn’t get one thing why the lady doctor cum her sister-in-law misguided her. There are so many options in this lady doctor’s case. First, the lady doctor doesn’t like the patient; it may be either due to some old grudges or just out of some jealousy that is beyond the preview of this writing. Second, she -doctor might have felt humiliated that the patient had got relief in her suffering from other system of medicines; it really happens with some doctors as I also know such a few of them. Third, the doctor knows nothing about the other system of medicines but some bad rumors; it is also a shameful act for a doctor who maligns the piousness of other system of medicines as all the system of medicines are meant  for patients. And millions of patients are being benefitted by different systems of medicines though every system of medicines has its own limitations. In my view it is a crime as well as a social offence, if anybody tries to misguide any patient.

To assure Mrs. MG I showed her homeopathic materia medica in which description of homeopathic medicines were given. When she read its some pages and found that raw materials used in Homeopathy don’t belong to any type of steroids rather most of them were prepared from herbs. She was satisfied with her treatment of PCOD as getting relief under the Homeopathy.


Mrs. S, aged 30, lives in Ahemadabad. She is suffering from two diseases i.e. Alopecia Areata – falling of hair in patches on the scalp and Bronchial Asthma – difficulty in breathing. She is more caring about her hair than Asthma, though Asthma is rather a dreaded disease. Many times she has got severe attack of difficulty in breathing and admitted into hospital in emergency. She says she can bear this respiratory disease for whole of her life but her hair problem must be corrected at any cost.

In the same series of looking for the better health of her hair she got my reference through her father who lives abroad. One fine day she phoned me to get appointment for consultation. Listening to her problem I told her that she need not come to Delhi as I had already planned to come to Ahemadabad to visit a new patient who was suffering from a malignant disease.

At Ahemadabad, I examined her and found that she was very much concerned about her hair. She had a fear that one day she would be a baldy which is why she is on a lot of medicines related to her hair. She asked me many questions regarding hair. I explained to her about hair and its related diseases.

In the early age of life every body’s scalp is full of hair. But due to some reasons, like heredity, hormonal imbalance, debility after grave illness, mental stress, dandruff and many scalp related allergies and infections, a man or a lady may get this problem. Both the genders are equally caring about their hair. They make so many efforts to keep their hair healthy. This is the reason that hair related products like shampoos, soaps, creams and oils has many billion dollars business per annum. Having used such like products if a lady like Mrs. S. gets falling of her hair problem not solved she will obviously be more worried.

Being a homeopathic physician I can say for definite that this system of medicine has many remedies, like Acidum Flouricum, Natrum Mur, Sepia, Psorinum, Calcarea Carb, Hepar Sulph and others which can do miracles in this dreaded disease when taken under the supervision of a careful homeopathic doctor. There are also so many other remedies available in Homeopathy that are prescribed according to the disposition of a patient.

Metro train track !!! cause of Dengue and Malaria in Delhi???

It has been raining for three days in Delhi and may be in NCR too. This rain shows that monsoon has arrived in North India though the metrological department has not declared it yet. People can declare it themselves just to see the weather condition but how the Met. Department does its work that only they know. No body else can’t understand their functioning style. When monsoon arrives in Delhi, it comes with gift of pleasure as well as with Pandora box of devils. The box has many water borne diseases, mosquito originated ailments and problem of water logging too that causes inconvenience and traffic jams.

The rain water stagnates in pits, on the roof of many buildings, empty containers lying unnoticed here and there. Water coolers are also a loveable place for Aedes to multiply its population. These are the good breeding places for mosquitoes as God provides them the virtue to increase their population in these waterlogged places. But we know that mosquitoes not only disturb our sleep but also bite us. Some mosquitoes bite can cause either only mild irritation or red mark on the skin but special variety of mosquitoes can cause men to suffer from either Malaria or Dengue etc. Malaria is caused by the bite of a female Anopheles mosquito and Dengue is from the bite of a mosquito called Aedes aegypti.

Aedes mosquito lives in clear water and bites men in day time only. Stagnated water, whether inside houses and offices or outside the dwellings, is the main desirable place for Aedes to live and to breed. Today, I was coming back home from my office in the afternoon for having my lunch as my routine when there was rain. On the way when I was going along the metro track I saw that rain water was draining down the metro track. A thought entered my mind, ‘When water is falling from the metro-track structure there is definite possibility of water logging between the structures.’ If it is so it will be the biggest hub of mosquito’s production and it happens just over the head of the concerned authority.

It should be properly investigated. If water logging is found there it should be dried up immediately so that mosquitoes can’t breed there. To prevent mosquito’s production is the only way to prevent Dengue.

Dengue this year and Delhi

Dengue is one type of fevers that is caused by a special variety of mosquito bites. Mosquitoes also have male and female genders. Both genders of mosquitoes bite human beings but in case of dengue, female mosquito bites human being. This mosquito lives in clean water and has one more peculiarity that it bites in day time only. It injects dengue virus in to human being where it again multiplies and causes fever that has peculiar symptoms. Some times its symptoms are so marked that the case is diagnosed easily with out the need of pathological investigations. Dengue fever is prevalent during and after monsoon that generally starts in the month of July and ends in September but this time a case of it has been reported before monsoon as per the news paper statement.

In this way Dengue has knocked at the door of Delhi. Surabhi Sinha is the first victim of Dengue in this season and is being treated in Mool Chand hospital. She is a resident of Satya Niketan at Dhaula Kuan in Delhi. She had high fever and after two or three days developed rashes on all over the body, therefore she was admitted to the hospital where is diagnosed and being treated. According to the treating doctor Dengue is confirmed as her Dengue serology report is positive. Platelets count has also gone down from normal. Doctor said it is a classical case of Dengue and tests have confirmed it although the report has not been sent to MCD. The patient is recovering fast so that hopefully would be discharged from the hospital by Monday and the report be sent to MCD on the same day.

It is also said that one more case of suspected Dengue was admitted here. Dr. N R Das, a health officer Malaria and Dengue in MCD said that no case of Dengue has been reported yet here in this season and would enquire personally about the Mool Chand case on Monday. The month of June is used to prevent Dengue in the country and public is made aware of it before the monsoon commences. Such awareness program is being organized and a meeting in this regard was called on Saturday, 26th June in which ordinary people, members of RWAs, health officers and members of NGOs participated.

There is a lot of panic among public regarding this disease though it is a simple viral fever in which a patient gets many symptoms like high fever, pain in bones and some time rashes on the body. Occasionally patient may get hemorrhage that is the only dreaded condition where special care and hospitalization is required for platelets transfusion if it is required. Hemorrhage occurring in Dengue is called Dengue Hemorrhagic.

If people are well acquainted with Dengue they would take it carefully but not with panic. People need assurance that when their patient requires hospital support, bed for him is definitely available. This surety can only reduce the fear among people. Many people under anxious state rush to the nearby tiny nursing homes some of which even do malpractice and don’t have adequate facilities to treat such disease. Instead of going to hospital or nursing home the patient should be regularly in touch with his family physician so that he would guide him in time.

Dengue is also well described in Homeopathy and it has many well –proved remedies. Belladonna, Arsenic Alb, Bryonia, Gelsemium, and Eupatorium Perf are the main remedies for Dengue in Homeopathy. Out of which Eupatorium Perf has a typical Dengue like drug picture so that it would be called specific for Dengue. These Homeopathic medicines can be used successfully in the treatment of Dengu.

Happiness — The Secret of Health

There are so many systems of medicine practised in India. If these are noted down on a paper, a long list will be drawn, and even then some of them might still be left out. Except some major and popular systems of medicine, everyone is usually used amongst people of one particular area or the other. However some of the systems are prevalent in a limited culture. Out of them, four major systems, viz. Allopathy, Homeopathy, Ayurveda, and Unani, are recognized by the Indian Govt. Many medical colleges are established in every State to impart knowledge in these four systems of medicine. Every system of medicine has its own medical colleges which are either run by the Govt. or by the private trusts. Every type of medical college is recognized by its council. These councils are established and governed by the respective States. Any student who has passed 12th standard in biology stream is eligible to get admission in these medical colleges. Generally, the medical college offers admission through a common entrance test. Rest of the systems of medicine are learned by the people themselves. There is no Govt. college available to teach the remaining systems of medicine.

The most popular system of medicine however is Allopathy nowadays. It has caused revolution in the field of medicine. Some fatal and incurable diseases can even be treated by this system. There is one peculiarity in Allopathy; once a disease is suppressed through it, this disease may reappear after some time. Diagnosis is the most important part of Allopathy. It may cause more harm if the diagnosis is wrong. This system got popularity in India during the British rule, that is why people here call it ‘English treatment’ though Ayurveda was considered the first line of treatment before the introduction of Allopathy in India.

Nowadays the second popular system of medicine is Homeopathy. It was first introduced in Punjab, a rich state of India, when it was ruled by Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Once he seriously fell ill and couldn’t get relief from any medicine, and a homeopath was called from Germany for the treatment of the Maharaja. He got relief from his illness through the Homeopathic treatment. After that the Maharaja requested the doctor to stay back forever, and the doctor accepted his humble offer. Slowly and gradually, it became popular in the whole country.

Homeopathy was discovered by Dr. Hahnemann, a German physician. This system has a power to cure the disease; in it the patient as a whole is considered for treatment, not only the disease is targeted for treatment. If the diagnosis of the disease and selection of the medicine is matched correctly it eradicates the disease quickly and permanently. The best part of this system is that its medicine doesn’t leave any side effects on the patient. So that It is considered to be the side effects free system of medicine in comparison with the other systems of medicine.

Ayurveda comes on the third number according to the popularity graph of the systems among patients though the Govt. sanction more budget to Ayurveda than to the Homeopathy. This is the oldest system of medicine in India and is estimated that it was originated 5000 years BC. It is said that at the time of ‘Samundra Manthan’, God Dhanvatri emerged from it and he originated the Ayurveda. Some say that a system of medicine is detailed in ‘Atharveda’ and on the basis of it, Ayurveda was developed. It was flourished during the king Ashoka’s period as he opened many medical colleges and hospitals. Maharishi Charak wrote a famous book on Ayurveda, called ‘Charak Samhita’ during the reign of king Kanishka. The details of five hundred medicines are given in this book that is why Charak is called father of Ayurveda. According to it, diseases are caused by either the excess or deficiency of one of the three factors called—‘Vata, Pitta and Kaffa’.

Unani is the fourth most popular system of medicine in India and was brought here by the Muslim rulers in sixth century. It had spread everywhere in the country up to thirteenth century and Muslim kings were the patron of this pathy.

There is one more system of medicine presently gaining popularity known as Accupuncture though it was born in China. In this system, the body of the patient is penetrated with fine needles at some specific points called Accupuncture points. Different set of Accupuncture points are used for every disease. Seeing its effectiveness it is being used all over the world even though it has not got the status of recognized system of medicine.

There is an old saying, ‘Prevention is better than cure’. This saying seems to be fit correctly in true sense on ‘yoga’ – a specialized type of exercises is used in it. Although Yoga emphasizes only at one point i.e. ‘How to keep body and mind fit’, it can cure many illness. Yoga is also being taught to those who go in to the space. Baba Ramdev has become the icon of yoga presently as he is popularizing it through all means. Naturopathy is also being used by many hopeless patients and they are being benefitted by it. Seeing its benefit, many trusts have adopted it and have opened its centers at many places in India. In this system, natural means are used to treat the patient. Naturopath believes that our body is made up of five elements viz. earth, air, water, fire and sky. If any of these elements is disturbed in the body, it falls ill. It is seen some times that even an incurable disease is cured through its use. Like naturopathy: Magneto therapy, Hydrotherapy, Sun therapy, Massage, Reiki etc. are also being extensively used by the patients.

In spite of so many systems of medicine being used and the Govts also spending in trillions on health every year, even then the no. of patients is increasing day by day. Seeing the graph of the patients, a question arises – What is the secret to live healthy. As a man is the integral part of the nature so only those who are nearer to nature can live healthy. Preservative used in food, tinned food, stressful life are the main causes of the ill health so these should be reduced from the life, only then a man can live healthy. If the medicines can render health no rich would fall ill. Happiness is only the secret of health in life.