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Be careful when go to stock market.

Yesterday evening, I attended a lecture that was an awareness program on ‘invest in stock market’ and that was followed by dinner. It was organized by the institute of company secretaries in Pitam Pura, Delhi. The event was inaugurated by Mrs. Meera Aggarwal. There were two main speakers who tried to enlighten the audience. The program started late by fourty-five minutes as usual happens in our society. The first speaker began his talk with a story that was as follows. Once, a man along with his assistant went to a village. They had so many monkey cages. Having seen these cages the villagers were amazed. One of them visited the man and enquired about the cages. The man said to him, ‘we have come here to buy monkeys as there is a lot of demand of them in the city and we will start our business from tomorrow. He can announce it in the village’. Next day they declared the buying price that was one hundred rupees per monkey. The villagers started catching the monkeys and selling them to the buyer. Within a week, the buyer increased the price by one hundred rupees per monkey, so the new price of a monkey was now two hundred. Just after a week, the buyer declared the new price that was five hundred per monkey as the villagers hardly caught one or two in a day. One day the buyer went to the city and his only assistant was left in the village. Next day, the villagers came to see the buyer but found there only his assistant. The assistant told them that his boss had gone to the city for some work and would return after some days. The assistant proposed the villagers to buy back the monkeys at the rate of seven hundred rupees per monkey and he also informed them that when his boss returned there he would declare the new buying price, one thousand rupees per monkey. In that situation they could sell their monkey at the higher price and might get profit easily. The villagers found his offer quite attractive and started buying the monkeys from him. Within a day he sold out all the monkeys to the villagers. Next day in the morning, he also left the village by saying them bye with the promise to come back soon. But both of them never turned up there again.


After completing the story, the speaker said, ‘the same type of story is used by some companies who float their new issues in the market. The investors who invest their money in these companies are also cheated as the villagers were deceived.’ With the help of the story, the speaker warned the audience that they should check previous track record of a company in which the investor wanted to spend his money.


The other speaker suggested investing in mutual funds as these are safer than other options. He also said, ‘there are two types of mutual funds. In one option MF invest your money only in secured bonds and you may get about nine percent returns that is exempted from tax’. In another type they invest your money in the share market with the help of their experts. Here, you may get more profit but with risk of losses also. Both the orators gave us much useful information in this regard.

‘Ban on the plastic bags’

Today, in the morning, a radio jockey was telling about not using plastic bags, when I switched on one of the FM channels. She said the Govt. is going to ban the use of polythene in Delhi and asking the public about their views. A guy said I will use cotton bags as people used to carry it when went to the market for shopping. These bags were reusable; in this way there was no environment problem at that time. A lady was saying that she would use old pillow covers for carrying groceries as she has a lot of old covers; she has been storing them for fifteen years. She was telling her views as if she was making fun of such a serious issue. It seemed as though she had no sense of duty for the society. One shouldn’t behave like she was.

It is many years drive against polythene by environment aware group of people. Till today, everybody should have understood the hazardous effect of it. We should discard the use of it. A question arises can this method eradicate the problem. A high level awareness may reduce its use drastically but can’t stop its utilization. The Govt. is also planning to ban it in Delhi but its use in packed food and medicine will be exempted. If anybody who is found violating this rule will be prosecuted. In the beginning the law will be applicable on the shopkeepers.

If the Govt. is really keen to stop its use why not it bans its manufacturing and finish the matter in one stroke; that is the true source of plastic bags.

Is slapping good???

Recently a minister was slapped by a Sikh youth of Delhi while the minister was attending a function in the capital of India. The youth was agitated and saying that the minister was responsible for inflation of prices of eatables. The event went on air live. Every politician was condemning the act of the youth and blaming each other on this issue. Some politicians were trying to politicize this issue.

In the beginning Anna Hazare had also asked people about this incidence and said the act was correct by using such words that even an ordinary person can understand his words. But realizing the gravity of his comments he immediately condemned his statement himself by saying that the act of the youth was unlawful. He tried to save his image by saying like that. The supporters and workers of the minister’s political party had demonstrated against this act on the road and jammed the traffic in Maharashtra. His supporters even went to the village of Anna Hazare, a social activist.

When workers of any political party demonstrate on the roads that cause so many problems to the public who is not at all on the fault, does it not seem as if they are slapping public indirectly? If the workers wanted to show their annoyance they should grab only the place of the concerned man or authority.

People in the society say that the youth’s act was correct. Then why our political leaders condemn it. The media must show honestly the public comments too on such sensitive issues without disclosing their identity.

Metro – a life line of Delhi:

Metro – a life line of Delhi:

Metro train is the latest mode of transport in Delhi that has been functioning efficiently for more than a decade. It has rendered a new hope to Delhi people as the roads have been over congested and no other solution is being evinced. At one point, Metro passengers are confident that they will definitely get another train after a few minutes if their first train is missed. Secondly, as it is air-conditioned so the journey is always comfortable. Thirdly, it is clean and tidy as far as coaches and stations are concerned.

To keep it clean, the metro authorities always warn of the commuters not to make it dirty by any means, even sitting on the floor and spitting are punishable. If you think they warn the travelers just for the sake of warning, you are wrong at this situation; they have punished seventeen thousand four hundred and sixty four passengers for breaking the metro rules inside the metro premises in about last three years.  The maximum commuters were challaned for spitting in the metro empire and they were six thousand and twenty six in numbers. On second count, people who rode in to the ladies special coaches were punished and were three thousand and eighty four. Coaches reserved for ladies were introduced in the metro during October, 2010. Two thousand and seventeen passengers who damaged the metro property were fined. One thousand three hundred and twenty four metro users who created nuisance were also penalized. Even drunkards were also charged.

Many rules which are not mentioned in the list were also busted like breaking the queue, not returning the travelling coins, etc. But metro authority has also punished these people. In the last three years, the metro has collected revenue of rupees thirty six lakh and thirty thousand by fine. Laws are not made to harass the people but they provide us harmony and comforts, provided they are implemented effectively and honestly.

English – a boon or a curse?

A friend of mine, Dr Khurana, an allopathic doctor, has retired from a Govt. hospital a long back so he is quite aged and well experienced. He has three sons; all are settled abroad in two different countries. His wife died a few years ago so he also passes his most of the time abroad with his sons. He enjoyed travelling frequently from one place to another. When he comes to India he usually comes to my clinic. I have been treating him for his ENT trouble which had been worsened after surgery but now he is in a comfortable zone as far as ENT is concerned.

This time he returned from Australia about a week ago. He came to my clinic today to see me as well as to collect his medicine from my clinic. I always welcome him warmly and he also tries to respond in the same fashion. He told me that he was going to Moscow just after three days. I gave him his due medicines and offered a cup of coffee too. We were discussing the present situation of India as well as comparing Indian living condition with Australia and some European countries. I told him that British had given us nothing. Then he replied that they gave us one very precious thing without disclosing the name of that valuable. Having heard his comment I asked him about the thing. Then he said in one word, ‘English’.

Now I enquired of the meaning of English from him; I said, ‘Do you mean it English as a language.’ He nodded his head positively. I was amazed hearing his reply. I told him that my views were rather different from him. He tried me to convince that without English how we could get education and our country progress. Now I have understood about his superficial thoughts. I asked him a question; Can you tell me how Japan, Germany, Russia and even China have developed their countries rather better than English speaking countries. Now he was obliged to think on my thought and said, ‘I have never thought at this point; now I feel that English is a curse for us rather than boon. No country can do its development without using its own language.’

How people react on an earthquake

Yesterday, in the afternoon at 5 I sat on the couch and was reading a book. I felt as if I was oscillating along with the sofa. Experiencing it I told Mira in high volume that there was an earthquake. She thought that I was telling it to her just as fun as my voice was quite calm. So she didn’t pay much heed to my information. After a while I turned the TV on, a breaking news was flashing at the bottom of the TV screen. She then realized that I was telling her truth. Later, the same was confirmed by Vaibhav and Sambhav, my sons.

Vaibhav works in a company where all are Indians and even the MD of the company is Indian. When the earthquake was experienced by the employees in the office, their boss suggested them not to come in panic, just sit at their respective seats and do their work as they do usually. On the other side, Sambhav works in a multinational company where they have set norms for every hue and cry. When the employees of his company experienced earthquake a siren started buzzing and all the employees came out of the building.

These two different types of behavior in the same situation show that the culture of the Indian and the foreign company is quite different. It is difficult to say which one is correct. Only time proves that at one time one is correct and at the other time second may be correct.

Farmhouses in Delhi!

There are so many farmhouses scattered all over Delhi. They may be in hundreds and the real figure is not available even with the Govt. There are about thirty farmhouses registered for commercial purposes. Here the meaning of ‘commercial’ is that it can be used for performing marriages and functions. Some of the farmhouse owners have converted the land in a beautiful garden along with a boundary wall around it. A concrete structure has also been erected with a big hall which is used as a dinning hall or performing other events as per the needs. In the open ground, a huge temporary ‘Shamiana’ is also installed for meeting the demand of the host. In nutshell, it can be said that a farmhouse land is used like a banquet hall.

In reality the farmhouse means that a place which is used for growing crops and rearing animals. If farmhouses in Delhi are not being used as for its specific purposes, they should be closed down. If the farm house owner use it for some other purpose, he must first go to the concerned authority to get the land use changed. After getting the NOC from the competent authority, he is eligible to use the piece of land for some other purpose.

According to MCD, only 38 farm houses are registered for commercial activity. A question arises whether the MCD is competent to change the land use or not. It is evident that the majority farm houses in Delhi are being used for marriages and other type of functions that is really illegal. The Govt. must take some concrete steps to stream line them.

Anna Hazare – New Gandhi of India !!

Anna Hazare is the man whom every Indian knows nowadays. He emerged up like a new ray of hope for India. If Anna states something people are obliged to think that it has value. Anna was born in a small village of India as most of the villagers are born. He started his career as an army- man. He had also participated in indo-pak war in 1965 when he was in the army.

Having left the army he concentrated his time in the welfare of his village. Under his guidance the village has come up as a model village that has no scarcity of water and electricity. Before that the villagers felt abandoned. Now they feel pride that they hailed in this village. Most of the people of his village have left addiction to alcohol, tobacco and sitting idle.

Anna studied the problem of India minutely and found that corruption can be rooted out if an appropriate law is formed. Having understood it he began to agitate for making such law. Recently his efforts have started taking shape but this is still in womb. This is a herculean task. He and his fellow country-men are very hopeful and think that India will become corruption less soon. The Govt. of India has accepted his first demand of forming the committee for the same after getting heavy pressure from all sides.

There are ten members in the committee, five members are nominated from the Govt. side and five names are recommended from Anna’s side. Two members of Anna’s side were from the same family. Baba Ram Dev reacted on it in the media. People criticized his statement. Having interpreted his statement, Ram Dev modified and said it was not his intention as it appeared in the media.

There are some prominent persons who are revolving around Anna. Why these people revolve around Anna, only God knows. A thought has emerged in the public mind that these people also belong to power broker group. If these people are really honest they must take oath that they neither will become the part of the Govt. nor join any political party in this life. Only then their integrity can be considered somewhat pious.

Anna praised Narinder Modi and Nitish Kumar, the two chief ministers of two states of India. Some one criticized Anna’s statement. On the very same day Anna rectified his statement. People of India feel that Anna is the second Gandhi of India. He should be firm on his statement. He should not change his words at any cost; other wise people will lose their faith in Anna. It is felt that Anna can change India’s scenario.

Nathu and his daughter

Nathu, a resident of Faridabad and father of a daughter, took such a drastic step that nobody even thinks of it. Out of frustration and feeling of helplessness he killed his own daughter himself. Nathu in fact had settled his daughter’s marriage with a boy of his own cast. He was thus managing every thing that was required in the marriage as per the custom of his society but the lack of funds was the only obstacle in the marriage. He tried his best to raise the required funds but in vain. He wandered around the Govt. agency being as its employee and also went to his relatives and friends but couldn’t get any ray of hope. As the date of marriage was coming near, his anxiety was also increasing how he would perform all the rituals in absence of required funds.

There was no undue pressure from the boy’s family even then he wanted to spend the money that he couldn’t arrange at any cost. This shows there might have been two possibilities; one, he wanted to spend more money in his daughter’s marriage as most of the parents do in India, and second, the boy’s parents had demanded him some undue dowry for which he didn’t want to tell anyone. In the end it can be concluded that any one of the reasons might have led him to go for such a brutal act.

Every girl’s parents should therefore understand one thing clearly that they are not inferior to the boy’s family status. They had better find a boy who is either equal to them or a little lower than them montarily. This is the only way to make a girl happy.

Road Rage in Delhi:

Recently a young man had been killed in road rage at a posh market in Delhi. The case has been very much popularized by the media so that everybody is talking about it and people begin to think that they shouldn’t overreact on the road if some bad incident happens there. In this popular case a man’s (Rahul) car had touched the car of another guy, Rajesh, though unintentionally – name changed, as stated by a spectator. The version may be otherwise, as the family members of the deceased claimed then.

Having hit the car of Rajesh, Rahul got out of his car and started arguing with Rajesh and challenged him to get off the car. But Rajesh was not in a mood to go in for fighting. He didn’t come out of the car. Rajesh even tried to escape from the scene but couldn’t succeed in it as Rahul was standing just adjacent to his car. After a few minutes Rajesh again tried to go away from the place but his car hit Rahul in the end. Rahul was killed on the spot. Having seen him dead and the crowd, Rajesh used the back-gear of the car and tried to disappear from the place but in vain as people caught him. Rahul was taken to the hospital but the doctor declared him brought dead. In this way the trivial hit had turned into the loss of one life.

Rajesh was then arrested by the police and was booked in under some sections of criminal act. Next day he got bail as usual it happens in such like cases. As both the guys belonged to the reputed families, the blame game has been started. Neither of the parties is ready to understand the reality even after getting such a big loss as one had gone to his heavenly abode and another’s career had certainly been ruined, whosoever may be at fault.

The time has now come when people of Delhi must learn lesson from this incident. They should also think that the roads are not meant only for them. Everybody has equal right to use the roads so that every one ought to use them as per the laws framed by the traffic police. These traffic rules are not made to harass the motor driver but to provide him smooth driving. If any unpleasant thing happens on the road one shouldn’t loose one’s temper. It had been better to think that other guy is also a road user as he is. So I should behave with him properly. In case there is any damage occurred to the vehicle the same will be repaired through the insurance company as all the vehicles are mandatorily insured. So no body is at loss even after some damage of the vehicle. Even the big damage can’t be compared with the loss of life.