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‘Ban on the plastic bags’

Today, in the morning, a radio jockey was telling about not using plastic bags, when I switched on one of the FM channels. She said the Govt. is going to ban the use of polythene in Delhi and asking the public about their views. A guy said I will use cotton bags as people used to carry it when went to the market for shopping. These bags were reusable; in this way there was no environment problem at that time. A lady was saying that she would use old pillow covers for carrying groceries as she has a lot of old covers; she has been storing them for fifteen years. She was telling her views as if she was making fun of such a serious issue. It seemed as though she had no sense of duty for the society. One shouldn’t behave like she was.

It is many years drive against polythene by environment aware group of people. Till today, everybody should have understood the hazardous effect of it. We should discard the use of it. A question arises can this method eradicate the problem. A high level awareness may reduce its use drastically but can’t stop its utilization. The Govt. is also planning to ban it in Delhi but its use in packed food and medicine will be exempted. If anybody who is found violating this rule will be prosecuted. In the beginning the law will be applicable on the shopkeepers.

If the Govt. is really keen to stop its use why not it bans its manufacturing and finish the matter in one stroke; that is the true source of plastic bags.


Ipecacuanha is generally called Ipecac, it’s short name, in Homeopathy. It is considered a short acting remedy used in acute diseases like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, cough, cold, hemorrhage and even in bronchitis, pneumonia etc.. It acts well in acute asthma. It shows its efficacy when drug picture corresponds to the patient’s morbid condition. This medicine has gained a lot of praise in the literature. Other systems of medicine use it only for limited purposes viz. for inducing vomiting, and in cough syrup as per my notion.

Homeopathy enumerated its real power to treat different ailments. I have also used it successfully in many different conditions even in asthma and hemorrhage.

It has special affinity on gastric ailments like Pulsatilla and Antimonium Crud. It has constant nausea and vomiting. The tongue is clean or mildly coated but Antim Crud and Pulsatilla have white coating tongue. Pulsatilla is a thirstless remedy but Ipecac has thirst. All three remedies get gastric symptoms after taking cake, pastries and rich food. Even after a lot of vomiting Ipecac has nausea. It is good for nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.

It is good in asthma and bronchitis even in capillary bronchitis; when the doctor examine the child’s chest, he finds rales on the whole chest – anteriorly and posteriorly.  The child vomits a lot of mucous in vomiting. Ipecac looses the phlegm adhere to the bronchial tubes. It helps in the conditions occurred in the cold seasons and when days are hot and nights are cold; so it is good in autumnal dysentery. It is not even a full glimpse of Ipecac but I want to stop writing on it, other wise this piece of writing may be turned into some boring event.

‘Jumping like the spider-man.’

I drive my car I always find my radio of the car on. FM channels are quite popular on the radio nowadays. Today when I was on the way to my office the radio jockey was telling news. A man jumped from the high rise building just for the sake of fun. He remarked that people are influenced with the characters like ‘spider-man and batman’ etc. Previously people used to jump from the top of the building just for committing suicide. They did it out of depression though majority of the societies think that men suicide only when they feel helpless.

Radio jockey said that he didn’t know why people take their life when they get it after passing many million births in different species like animals, insects, reptiles and etc.

Having heard his thoughts I was also bound to think about it. It is true that such thought is written in Hindu literature.  I was always confused about this type of birth theory. I have argued so many times on the issue with so many people in different ways. Sometimes I talk in favor of it and another time against it. I generally manage to convince others with my arguments but always find myself in doldrums as far as this issue is concerned.

In everybody’s life such movements come, a few lucky people never come in this category. When one thinks about mutilating ones life by any available means but such teachings helps him to come out of these dark and gloomy periods of life. In this way the old teachings still today play a big role in our life to live peacefully.

People jump from a high place just out of excitement; this is truly a serious situation which should be tackled in time.


What a dedication!

Mr.RCG is seventy, gives or takes a few years, and is one of the members of my study circle. We have been studying together for the last ten years or so. Recently he got a problem in his vision due to cataract that has been developing for some time in his eyes though he was continuing his study without much difficulty. For about a month ago he felt difficulty in reading so he got his glasses changed but of no use. Examining his condition the doctor advised him to go for a cataract surgery.

He is a medical bill reimbursement beneficiary because of being a retired Govt. employee. He chose the hospital that is empanelled in the Govt. list. After examination the doctor told him that there are different varieties of lenses available and the Govt. pays us a certain amount for it. If you want to get better quality lens, you will have to pay the balance amount from your pocket. RCG agreed to his proposal after consulting me and Dr. Vinod, our common friend.

On 31st December, a New Year eve, in the afternoon he went to the hospital for the cataract surgery. His operation was done on the same day and was discharged.

Next day, the first day of the New Year 2012, I was bit lazy in the early morning as I knew that no body would turn up to attend the class. I was surprised to see Mr. RCG in the morning with a box of sweets in hand. After exchanging the New Year wishes and having a cup of tea, I asked him whether he was interested to attend the class. To my utter surprise he replied that he came there not only to wish me a happy new year but also to attend the class. After that we went to attend our class.

He has a firm belief in Homeopathy as he knows about the superior efficacy of the Homeopathy. Having seen his such inclination I suggested him some medicines that help after surgery.

Mauritius Tour – Day two

The following day we got up early in the morning. There was a big lawn in the back of the room so I went there and sat in the chair. After sometime Mira also came there along with tea in two glasses as she likes to take tea in a glass. I also enjoyed the tea and listened to the different sounds of birds. The sounds were clear as there was quite silence. We phoned to some nears and dears. We got ready after sometimes and went to dining hall to take breakfast. In the breakfast there were many varieties that were prepared after keeping in view of the all the guests staying in the hotel.

Our group was ready to move southward of the city. In the beginning we visited the ship making factory. The factory was really worth seeing. In fact they were making only the toy ships which you can keep in your house as a decoration piece. Some of our team members bought the toy ships from the factory. Having seen it we reached the place that was quite big , below the ground and covered with greenery. The place is called ‘Ganga Talao’. We did photography at that place as the location had a lot of scenic beauty.

However, it is surprising to know that more than half of Mauritius population is of Hindus. They try to maintain their sanctity and use their traditional dress and language. It was told to us that in every village of Mauritius there is a temple. Most of Mauritius the Hindus were migrated there when India was ruled by British. There is a long lithic statue of Lord Shiva. The height of the statue is one hundred feet and is called ‘Mangal Mahadev’. There is also a beautiful Lord Shiva temple that is called thirteenth ‘Jyotirlinga’ as twelve ‘Jyotirlingas’ are placed in India. This temple would work as a binding agent between India and Mauritius. Having visited all these places the tummy reminded us of the time of lunch. Meanwhile a group of Hindus who were constructing a big temple came to invite us to lunch. The food was delicious. After lunch some of our members donated a handsome amount to them for temple construction. They were also planning to construct a building that would be called ‘India House’. After that we proceeded to a village, Chamarel where a volcanic earth was erected in an unusual way that showed us the place in seven different colors which appeared to be artificial ones as some of our members also raised their suspicion though being really natural. In the evening we returned to our hotel.

Once again at dinner time we went for a banquet that was hosted by some dignitaries of Mauritius. The art and culture minister of Mauritius also attended the function. The host welcomed us quite warmly. It was all about our second day in Mauritius that my memory allowed me to jot down, (28th, May 2011).

Vaijnath and Gaya temples tour – day two

On the following day, we got up early in the morning at 4.30 as we didn’t get sound sleep in the night, though we had decided to get up at 5. We were ready by 5.30 and at six O’ clock drove off to Gaya. It all happened smoothly as we had got the taxi booked the previous night. The road was very levelled and without any pit holes that was beyond our expectation. We appreciated the present Chief Minister of that area, Bihar. The driver told us that even the law and order is also maintained nowadays.

In the afternoon we arrived at Rajgir which is popular among tourists as there is a hot water pond. We all took bath in it. Some pundits use this place as a religious one and exploit the tourist sentiments. We also got our feelings ill-used by one of these such pundits. After that we went to Nalanda ruins that were excavated in the last decades of British rule. Now it has got the status of world heritage and is maintained by Archeological Survey of India. We all know that about two thousand years ago Nalanda was a World Fame University. Having seen it I felt some internal pleasure as I had the strong desire to visit these remains. We also visited the museum that had the things found during the  excavation of Nalanda.

After that we directly proceeded to Bodh Gaya temple. The Sun was going back his home when we reached there. It is the place where Lord Buddha got realization. Inside the temple we saw the tree under which Buddha did meditation. The temple was really beautiful and was full of foreigners who kept faith in Buddhism. It was about seven o’clock when we left the temple. With the same taxi we went to Gaya that was about ten kilometers away from Bodh Gaya. There, we visited the Vishnu-pad temple that was dedicated to Lord Vishnu. As we were all feeling hungry, we searched out a good restaurant and had had our dinner. Then the time was about nine and we advanced to railway station to catch our 11.30 train to come back home.

Vaijnath and Gaya temples – day one

About two months ago, I made a program to visit Vaijnath at Deoghar in Jharkhand, which is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas though there is some controversy about it as some devotees believe that Vaijnath at Parli in Andhra Pradesh is a real Jyotirlinga instead of that one. Anyhow, people, lakhs in number, every year visit Vaijnath which is in Jharkhand. I asked  some of my friends about the trip whether they were interested to go with me. In the end, we four were agreeable to go there but we added one more place in our trip at the suggestion of one of our group members; it is called Gaya which is about two hundred and sixty kilometers away from Deoghar – it is also a Hindu religious place. We got four tickets of Rajdhani train that runs between Delhi and Howrah every Friday only, for 27th January 2012. Jaisidh is the railway station that is the nearest station to go to Vaijnath and the Rajdhani train stops there.

On the scheduled day, we gathered at the New Delhi railway station. The train left the station at right time, 5 O’ clock. The following day in the morning we arrived at Jaisidh. Coming out of the station we drove away to the ‘Dharamshala’ that was already booked for us. Reaching there we got warm welcome by a man called ‘Master Ji’ as if we were known to one another. After that we took bath and got ready to go to the Vaijnath temple. Before narrating the story of my trip further, let me introduce my companions – their names were Rajinder, Ram Bhagat and Raj Kumar.

We hired the taxi for full day and went to Vaijnath temple. One Pandit ji, called ‘Panda’, received us there. His name was Kalia,  who was assigned for us and this arrangement was done by Ram Bhagat’s friend who also lives in his society appartments. After the prayer and Darshan we came out of the temple. There was a huge crowd and a long queue of devotees inside the temple premises. We got Darshan of our deity on the day of Basant Panchami – it is a sacred day for the Hindus. The people of Bihar, Jharkhand and some adjoining area perform Saraswati ‘Pooja’ in these days – Saraswati is the Goddess of Education in Hindus. All the educational institutes were decorated and illuminated with lights. After that we went to Basukinath temple that is also devoted to Lord Shiva. The time was about three in the afternoon so we had lunch there that was fresh and tolerably tasty too.

We then proceeded to a recreation place where there was a rope- way. By the time we reached there it was 4.30., but the rope –way was closed as its closing time was 4. RP, one of our companions  tried to get the tickets by making some tricks and got succeeded in getting the same. So we enjoyed in the rope-way but RB refused to go in as he was afraid of it though he was pretending to accept it. This rope-way was on the Trikut hills where Ravana killed Jatayu when he challenged Ravana.

In the following course of our trip of that day we visited the place called Tapovan; it is a hill where Hanuman statue is engraved on the rock. At the end of the day we went to a temple called ‘Naulakaha temple’. Naulakaha means nine lakhs; the temple was built up at the cost of nine lakhs though neither of us was agreeable at this point. Coming back to Dharamshala we had dinner and went to bed.

Mauritius tour – day one

Mr. J, aged about ninety, went to Mauritius in the same group in which I was also one of the members. His daughter was accompanying him for his care though he seemed to be quite active. We went there at the end of May of this year. I tried to pen down my Mauritius tour so many times but couldn’t write down my memories somehow. Today this active old gentleman came into my mind and once again I was initiated to write down it. My group was big even though he was remembered as I treated him during the journey when he fell ill there. He responded to my treatment well and I became lovable for all. Mr. J got the attack of involuntary, frequent urination that made his tour and life hell. His daughter approached me for his problem as she might know me well before or somebody else had told her about me that I never asked her till today.

On 27th May, 2011, we landed at Mauritius air-port in the morning. We reached Mauritius via Dubai where we changed the flight and wasted our some hours in dizziness and some time in wandering inside the air-port. Having completed the immigration formalities we took our luggage from the belt and came out of the port where three buses were waiting for us along with three tourist guides who would accompany us during our Mauritius tour. I kept my luggage in one of the coaches. Mr. Satish though called Captain was my coach driver and Miss. Manisha was tour guide. She was young, fatty girl but very talkative as it suits to her job. She gave us some instructions and information about tour as well as some laws of the country that every tourist must follow them.

She offered us a bottle of water as if it were the welcome drink. She took us to the hotel which was already booked for us as per our itinerary. Getting room we got relaxed and ready after taking bath. Now our tummy reminded us about hunger so we went to the dining hall to take lunch that was vegetarian as per our requirement. The name of the hotel was Jalsa and the name of the air-port was Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport that I forgot to mention in the beginning. Why did I mention this name that I might mention it later on if felt relevant?

Having had our lunch we went on city tour and came back in the evening and relaxed at beach as our hotel was at sea-shore. Up to many meters the water was only a little more than an ankle deep so people were going inside the sea without any fear and the water was crystal clear that we had only read in literature. We did a lot of chattering there. At the end we had had dinner and went to bed. It was all about our first day in Mauritius.

Is slapping good???

Recently a minister was slapped by a Sikh youth of Delhi while the minister was attending a function in the capital of India. The youth was agitated and saying that the minister was responsible for inflation of prices of eatables. The event went on air live. Every politician was condemning the act of the youth and blaming each other on this issue. Some politicians were trying to politicize this issue.

In the beginning Anna Hazare had also asked people about this incidence and said the act was correct by using such words that even an ordinary person can understand his words. But realizing the gravity of his comments he immediately condemned his statement himself by saying that the act of the youth was unlawful. He tried to save his image by saying like that. The supporters and workers of the minister’s political party had demonstrated against this act on the road and jammed the traffic in Maharashtra. His supporters even went to the village of Anna Hazare, a social activist.

When workers of any political party demonstrate on the roads that cause so many problems to the public who is not at all on the fault, does it not seem as if they are slapping public indirectly? If the workers wanted to show their annoyance they should grab only the place of the concerned man or authority.

People in the society say that the youth’s act was correct. Then why our political leaders condemn it. The media must show honestly the public comments too on such sensitive issues without disclosing their identity.

PCOD and Depression


A lady Mrs. MG came to my office in the morning for her some ailments many weeks ago. She explained her problems that were the mixture of physical and mental sufferings. At the physical level she was not getting her menstrual cycle and on mental sphere was very depressed. After examining her and seeing her laboratory reports I concluded her case and diagnosed it as PCOD. The full name of this abbreviated term is as Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease. She was in a bad shape as suffering from depression. Depression itself is  a very dreaded disease in which the patient may even try to commit suicide when the case is in worsening position.

I noted down her history and findings of ailments as suggested by Dr. Hahnemann in Homeopathy. After analyzing the case she was prescribed the homeopathic medicines. She responded well to the homeopathic medicines as her depression had gone down. She started her daily work as she did it previously. So she was not getting much trouble at the emotional level now and it was the big achievement for the patient. But still she was suffering from Acne on the face, Obesity and Amenorrhea (absence of menses).

She wanted me a favor on the menses part as she felt uneasiness due to the absence of menses. She was very keen for appearing of the menses. When she was taking allopathic hormonal medicines she got the menses every month. On the same pattern she wanted to get her ailment eradicated in Homeopathy too. Then I gave her some information how Homeopathy works. And at that time she shared her thought that she got from her sister-in-law. She said, ‘My sister-in-law who is an allopathy doctor told me that in Homeopathy, Only steroids are used in the name of treatment. So you better stop taking Homeopathic medicines and again switch over to allopathy. Now you tell me what to do in this situation.’ It was a shocking news to me.

I couldn’t get one thing why the lady doctor cum her sister-in-law misguided her. There are so many options in this lady doctor’s case. First, the lady doctor doesn’t like the patient; it may be either due to some old grudges or just out of some jealousy that is beyond the preview of this writing. Second, she -doctor might have felt humiliated that the patient had got relief in her suffering from other system of medicines; it really happens with some doctors as I also know such a few of them. Third, the doctor knows nothing about the other system of medicines but some bad rumors; it is also a shameful act for a doctor who maligns the piousness of other system of medicines as all the system of medicines are meant  for patients. And millions of patients are being benefitted by different systems of medicines though every system of medicines has its own limitations. In my view it is a crime as well as a social offence, if anybody tries to misguide any patient.

To assure Mrs. MG I showed her homeopathic materia medica in which description of homeopathic medicines were given. When she read its some pages and found that raw materials used in Homeopathy don’t belong to any type of steroids rather most of them were prepared from herbs. She was satisfied with her treatment of PCOD as getting relief under the Homeopathy.